INSIDE LOOK: Dynamic Attractions’ new Flightcycle ride vehicle

February 20, 2018

Original story and video at Spectrum News

We’re taking you where very few people get access. A local attractions design company is showing us one of their newest test vehicles.

“It’s like riding a motorcycle with wings,” said George Walker, the senior vice president of creative services at Dynamic Attractions.

Dynamic Attractions unveiled Flightcycle during IAAPA in November. But we’re now able to see it in motion inside the nearly 60,000 square foot Orlando facility (a compound, really).

“You kind of lean forward, and it’s pretty comfortable — almost like being in a massage chair,” Walker explained, climbing onto the red-padded ride vehicle.

Flightcycle is an evolution of the original Flying Theater. Dynamic Attractions said it built the ride system for that 20 years ago.

Now, you’re surrounded by a massive concave screen featuring wind, mist and scent.

“So believe it or not, we’re only about 12-feet up in the air,” Walker said. “What science has found is that you just get an extra sense — your brain starts to fire and become more heightened-aware of your situation.”

To activate the experience, Walker would cue his colleague manning a control box.

“We have one full meter of actuation,” he said. “We call it ‘heave.’ It’s the straight up and down kind of motion that gives you that sensation in the pit of your stomach.”

So it’ll drop you a little?

“It’ll drop you a lot,” he said, smiling.

You might notice that FlightCycle is similar to Flight of Passage at Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Both have guests “leaning in.”

But Dynamic Attractions says their model fits in shorter buildings, meaning the ceiling height requirements are much lower than typical Flying Theaters. Flightcycle can be configured with much fewer seats, allowing a ride system to go in places like a skyscraper, casino, or even a local entertainment center.

A spokesman said that it’s built for a guest volume ranging from 12-72 seats.

Since unveiling the new ride three months ago at IAAPA, the company said it has gotten strong interest from four continents.

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