50 of the world’s most popular theme park attractions have been built by Empire Industries’ businesses.

Dynamic Structures designs, fabricates and builds ride systems for Disney and Universal Studios theme parks. Empire has used that expertise to develop and offer a proprietary line of rides through Dynamic Attractions, which it offers globally to theme parks and tourism destinations. The supply chain, especially for projects headed to Asia, is bolstered through fabrication support at QDS in China.

Dynamic Attractions

Dynamic Attractions creates iconic attractions for major theme parks and tourist destinations. The company’s proprietary line of media‐based entertainment attractions includes Flying Theatres, Special Effects Roller Coasters, Automatically Guided Vehicles and Dark Rides.


Dynamic Structures

Dynamic Structures designs, fabricates and installs some of the most technically advanced ride systems for the Walt Disney Corporation, Universal Studios and other major theme parks.


Qiguang Dynamic Steel Structures

Qiguang Dynamic Steel Structures (QDS) works with Dynamic Structures to fabricate materials for the attractions industry. Based in China, it is a key component of Empire’s global steel supply chain initiative.

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