Dynamic’s new chief looks at speed

August 18, 2017

Original article at Orlando Sentinel

Hao Wang is shifting from one fast lane to another. Dynamic Attractions’ incoming president has worked in the super-car industry for two decades, and he sees parallels with the business of creating ride systems, including the end goal.

“We want to make sure we make it stronger, faster, better,” Wang said.

The Toronto-based company has an 80,000-square-foot development center in south Orlando. Engineers and creative types design attractions from scratch, work on theming and develop prototypes for testing hers.

“A lot of space is secured, and it’s utilized by our customers to do their ride tryout and development,” Wang said.

Wang, a vice president at Ontario-based Multimatic Inc. – known for the Ford GT – officially comes on board with Dynamic Attractions this fall. His focus will remain on enriching the living quality of people, he said.

“I was able to create these super cars and then really enjoy when people drove them and were astonished by the performance and how it made them feel,” he said. “This is what Dynamic Attractions does. That’s their product. Their product is really something that enhances peoples’ lives.”

The company has long been known for its “flying theatre” style of ride (think Epcot’s Soarin’ Around the World) and then its robotic-arm systems (think Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Islands of Adventure).

“I’ve been in those flying theatres all over the world, and every installation gets better,” Wang said.

Other Dynamic Attractions products include special-effects coasters, multidirectional dark ride vehicles, a spinning multi-media theatre and an “immersive transporter,” which uses simulation, sensory effects and media to create a “tram-like” adventure.

“As rides and attractions get more and more sophisticated, we’re always looking for the next better thing.” Wang said. “How can we provide a more involved sort of experience, where you’re immersed and you’re really able to sort of experience something you normally would not be able to? That’s what the focus is on the future.”

The market is growing at a “thrilling speed,” said Guy Nelson, Dynamic’s CEO. “With Hao Wang leading the rides-system design and manufacturing for Dynamic Attractions, we’re better positioned to successfully execute the complex contracts we have been awarded and expect to continue to receive in this exciting market.”

New rides are a giant investment for attractions, Wang said, and a technique from the automotive industry could be a guide going forward. It’s fairly common, he said, for car manufacturers to build a two-door, a four door and a small SUV off the same base.

“I think we can definitely use that process and strategy in the ride systems to make them more of a platform-based – more flexible, quicker to change for alternatives,” Wang said.

Along with the expense is great expectations from the public.

“The expectation that a customer has for vehicles these days is extremely high, and we’ve been able to deliver that and improve upon that in the automotive world,” Wang said. “I’m definitely looking forward to applying those technologies and strategies and processes to the entertainment industry, specifically in the rides.”


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