Dynamic Attractions unveils revolutionary theater attraction

November 16, 2016

Motion Theater uses new technology for a unique, immersive adventure

Dynamic Attractions unveils revolutionary theater attraction

Orlando, Florida (November 16, 2016) — Called the “Dynamic Motion Theater,” a new “spin” on the theme park theater experience was unveiled today and awarded Best New Product Concept by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions at the expo in Orlando, Florida.

A world-leader in attraction design, Dynamic Attractions has developed the motion theater to give audiences the ability to spin, tilt, drop and follow the action like a movie camera.  The system involves a combination of media on advanced, rotating projected screens that move to reveal show sets filled with special effects elements and stage action with the sights, sounds and smells of an adventure in every direction.

Guy Nelson Dynamic Attractions

“The Dynamic Motion Theater puts a whole new spin on an immersive attraction,” states Guy Nelson, CEO of Empire Industries and President of Dynamic Attractions. “We’ve pioneered new technology to create an experience that has been, until now, impossible.  When we put the team in place here in our Orlando Attraction Development Center, the purpose was to create revolutionary new attractions, and I am excited that the first product to come out the design studio has already been recognized with an award.”

This has been a record-breaking year for Dynamic Attractions. It has already opened ten attractions on four continents, twice as many projects than its previous best year. In spring the company opened an Attractions Development Center in Orlando; since then it has already doubled in size to 80,000 square feet.

A large part of Dynamic’s growth over the past 12 months has been their Design Studio, Attraction Mock-Up, and Partner Innovation Lab within the Attraction Development Center.

“At the center, our artists and designers work on developing everything for the attraction.” explained George Walker, VP Creative Development.  “We then couple this with the engineering prowess of the ride system team in Vancouver, and together the results are really exciting.”

“Through a combined in-house effort of creative and technology, we utilize the power of visualization.  In our mockup space, we are able to build out test track sections with scenery, projection, sound, lighting and more,” states Cindy Emerick, VP Business Development. “We’ve already seen how this has engaged our clients, including a major theme park in Orlando.  They love it.”

The company is comprised of 400 engineers, designers, fabricators and theme artists based in Vancouver, Orlando, Toronto, Arlington (Texas), Dongguan, and Shanghai.

“The Partner Innovation Lab brings engineers and attraction specialists to a single space to research and develop ways to push past what has been done before,” adds Mike Haimson, VP Technical Development. “When combined with the Design Studio and Attraction Mock-Up teams, we feel we have the one of most powerful design tools in the industry.”


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