Britannia Mine Museum to become a dynamic attraction
September 21, 2018

Original story at Business in Vancouver Port Coquitlam thrill-ride builder Dynamic Attractions to create immersive experience at mine museum Dynamic Attractions, the Port Coquitlam company that designs and builds immersive theme park rides around the world, has been tapped by the Britannia Mine Museum to create a new $4.2 million tours attractions. The Britannia Mine Museum […]

INSIDE LOOK: Dynamic Attractions’ new Flightcycle ride vehicle
February 20, 2018

Original story and video at Spectrum News We’re taking you where very few people get access. A local attractions design company is showing us one of their newest test vehicles. “It’s like riding a motorcycle with wings,” said George Walker, the senior vice president of creative services at Dynamic Attractions. Dynamic Attractions unveiled Flightcycle during […]

Dynamic’s All-Terrain Dark Ride shifts trackless ride tech into high gear
February 13, 2018

Original article at InPark Magazine Over the past two years, the team at Dynamic Attractions could be found piling mounds of dirt outside their Orlando Development Center offices, then driving over and around them in peculiar-looking vehicles. Inside, in stealth mode, engineers, creatives and tech experts tinkered with military-grade technologies, determined to adapt them for […]

Dynamic Attractions launches award-winning ride
November 15, 2017

Dynamic Attractions introduces ground-breaking new rides at IAE with its Flightcycle plus a trio of autonomous vehicles. Original article at Blooloop The company will officially be awarded the 2017 IAAPA First Place Brass Ring Award for ‘Best New Product Concept’ for its All-Terrain Dark Ride. The Dynamic All-Terrain Dark Ride is a trackless, indoor/outdoor dark ride […]

Dynamic’s new chief looks at speed
August 18, 2017

Original article at Orlando Sentinel Hao Wang is shifting from one fast lane to another. Dynamic Attractions’ incoming president has worked in the super-car industry for two decades, and he sees parallels with the business of creating ride systems, including the end goal. “We want to make sure we make it stronger, faster, better,” Wang […]

Dynamic prepares for industry growth explosion
August 4, 2017

As seen in Theme Park University The themed entertainment and attractions industry has been expanding at break neck speed. Disney recently announced dozens of new attractions in the works from Star Wars to Epcot and beyond. Universal also has a smorgasbord of new offerings including three new Nintendo lands all with several attractions within. Not […]

Empire Industries announces executive appointments
July 20, 2017

Original article at Globe and Mail Empire Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce executive appointments for its wholly owned subsidiary, Dynamic Attractions Ltd. and its Dynamic Structures division. These appointments are part of the company’s strategy to be a leader in delivering themed attractions globally. All six executives will report to Guy Nelson, the CEO […]

How exporting amusement rides and telescopes redefined Empire Industries’ growth strategy
June 27, 2017

Original article at ExportWise Guy Nelson clearly remembers his birthday in 2007 – it was day the Empire Industries (EI) founder and CEO purchased Dynamic Structures and backed the company with a rich history of exports in both telescopes and amusement ride attractions. Nelson first became aware of Port Coquitlam-based Dynamic Structures when EI, also a steel fabricator, was […]

Dynamic Attractions motion theater lets guests physically follow the action
June 13, 2017

Original article at: Blooloop Dynamic Attractions is unveiling its Dynamic Motion Theater at this week’s Asian Attractions Expo in Singapore.   Over five years in the making, the next gen motion theater combines live stage action, special effects and multi-media with a revolutionary new ride system technology. For the first time, guests can physically follow […]