How exporting amusement rides and telescopes redefined Empire Industries’ growth strategy
June 27, 2017

Original article at ExportWise Guy Nelson clearly remembers his birthday in 2007 – it was day the Empire Industries (EI) founder and CEO purchased Dynamic Structures and backed the company with a rich history of exports in both telescopes and amusement ride attractions. Nelson first became aware of Port Coquitlam-based Dynamic Structures when EI, also a steel fabricator, was […]

Dynamic Attractions motion theater lets guests physically follow the action
June 13, 2017

Original article at: Blooloop Dynamic Attractions is unveiling its Dynamic Motion Theater at this week’s Asian Attractions Expo in Singapore.   Over five years in the making, the next gen motion theater combines live stage action, special effects and multi-media with a revolutionary new ride system technology. For the first time, guests can physically follow […]

Cool new developments coming to theme parks
January 7, 2017

Original article at: USA Today Motion simulator rides based on films such as “Star Wars” are mainstays at theme parks. Dynamic Attractions, a company that has been behind the scenes helping Disney, Universal, and other parks with their rides, unveiled its own motion theatre concept at IAAPA.

Theme park business is booming in Middle East
December 23, 2016

Original article at: San Diego Tribune When it opens in Abu Dhabi several years from now, SeaWorld will join a growing number of theme-park companies establishing a presence in the Middle East. Two major amusement-park projects opened this year in Dubai. More Middle Eastern attractions are in the works. It means more business for Orlando-based […]

Recent Accomplishments: Dynamic Firm
December 8, 2016

Original Article from: TriCity News Port Coquitlam’s Dynamic Attractions was awarded Best New Product Concept by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions in Florida last month. The award was for the company’s new Dynamic Motion Theater, designed to give audiences a wild ride in an immersive experience.  “The Dynamic Motion Theater put a […]

Dynamic mixes technology & storytelling for rides
November 27, 2016

Original article from: The Vancouver Sun PORT COQUITLAM — Every day, thousands of thrill seekers around the globe strap themselves into amusement park rides and are taken on a multimedia adventure, whether coming face to face with a fire-breathing dragon, flying on a wizard’s broomstick or perhaps soaring over the wonders of the world. The technology […]

More moving theaters coming to a theme park near you
November 25, 2016

Original Article from: The Orange County Register How many different ways can you watch a movie in a theme park? With screens that wrap around you and seats that jiggle and shake in every direction imaginable, theaters in theme parks aren’t anything like the darkened boxes in your local multiplex. And new types of movie […]

Dynamic Attractions unveils revolutionary theater attraction
November 16, 2016

Motion Theater uses new technology for a unique, immersive adventure Orlando, Florida (November 16, 2016) — Called the “Dynamic Motion Theater,” a new “spin” on the theme park theater experience was unveiled today and awarded Best New Product Concept by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions at the expo in Orlando, Florida. A […]

Dynamic Attractions – 1 year since opening Orlando office
October 27, 2016

By Joe Kleiman. Source Dynamic Attractions marks one year since opening Orlando office by George Walker It’s been one year since Dynamic Attractions introduced its triangulated philosophy of Show-Ride-Integration as part of a new service called Unlimited Attractions™. This comprehensive approach that offers design, development, and execution of entire attractions, from ride systems to show elements, is the intrepid new strategy […]