Capital Ideas TV Takes a Look at Empire’s ‘Sweet Spot’ in the Attractions Industry

September 29, 2017

WINNIPEG, September 29, 2017 – Empire Industries’ announcement of a $31 million co-venture financing initiative has caught a lot of interest.

In a video interview published this morning, Empire Industries CEO Guy Nelson explains, “It is a capital intensive business.” He adds that the company “recognized the tremendous potential for recurring revenue and profit when situated in the right locations with the right tourist based location partner.”

He adds that the company is looking at major tourist destinations. “This is for tourist based locations that want to expand their experience with a world class attraction, which we make.”  “We know it could be a great business because we’ve watched our customers enjoy the benefits of being in that side of the business.”

The interview also explains why the company is sought for strategic alliances, the ‘sweet spot’ it has found in the attractions industry, and that it has capacity to do more.

When describing the company two years in the future, he concludes that, “It will be just that much more interesting of a company.”

The interview begins 7:00 minutes into today’s episode.


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